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Pier 70

San Francisco, Ca.

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Pier 70 is a part of the waterfront will become an asset to the surrounding community by blending together a variety of uses.

Pier 70 was once a hub of industrial activity and an economic center of San Francisco. Until construction began in summer of 2018, Pier 70 was a mix of vacant land, deteriorating buildings, storage and staging areas that restrict public activity and waterfront access behind chain linked and barbed wire fences.

TerreMark as the retail strategist, advised owners on fulfilling a niche that was void of arts & creative spaces, food & beverage and services. The strategy is currently being executed.

  • LOCATION: San Francisco, Ca
  • SCOPE: Retail Strategy, Repositioning, and Economic Analysis
  • CLIENT: Forest City Enterprises
  • PROJECT TEAM: Forest City Enterprises, Terremark Partners

Reposition an historic waterfront


  • Changing demographics
  • Hip street retail and entertainment
  • Epicurean Focused